About Us


Evolution Family Day Homes is a Licensed Day Home Agency. We contract through Central Alberta Child and Family Services to ensure that quality child care is available in Wetaskiwin and the surrounding communities.


A family day care home offers a “home away from home”, where the children get the nurturing love and attention, as well as the experience in family living which they would have in their own home. Informal in nature, daily activities in a good day home are carefully planned to give each individual child the type of care and experience he needs to grow emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually.

In the ideal family day home, learning takes place everywhere, all day long. All of the experiences the children have help them to learn more about themselves and the world around them.


Benefits of a Family Day Home

To provide Quality Child Care in Family Day Home Environments

  1. It allows increased opportunities for attachments between the child and the family day home provider – group care in a day care center may be unable to do this due to staffing patterns and turnover.
  2. The family day home is likely to be less structured and more attuned to the individual needs and routines of the young child, especially infants.
  3. The family day home provides a natural family grouping, allowing children from the same family to be together.
  4. Smaller groups allow for more individual attention to be given to each child.
  5. The flexibility of hours permits care for families who require evening or night care.
  6. Family day care is useful in matching the child’s home environment with that of his day home provider i.e. culture and language
  7. It allows the child to be placed in the vicinity of his own neighborhood.
  8. It is believed that control of respiratory problems and other infections is more readily achieved for infants in a home than in a day care center.
  9. The family day home setting offers nurturing and supported care for children with special needs in our community.
Children Playing.